Sports Bras

Primadonna Sport


With over 150 years of expertise, Primadonna will make your workout a whole lot better. Wired and capable of a criss cross back, this sports bra might just become your next fave! Supportive all the way up to a solid H cup.

Panache Sport


This is the bra that coined the 'locked and loaded' phrase. Wired and padded with a versatile J-Hook at the back, Panache Sport is available all the way up to a J cup.

Anita Active


Supporting Canadian Olympic Athletes, Anita Active is your source for the best compression bra all the way up to a solid H cup. Their award winning Delta cup ensures air control and wicking capability with a great look. 

Elomi Energise


Catering to the fuller bust gal, Elomi offers a wired, optimum coverage sports bra with a J-Hook all the way up to a JJ cup. Versatile, breathable, and supportive, 

this sports bra is a win!