Bra Fitting is Our Specialty!

A bra can not only make or break your wardrobe, it can make or ruin your day. A properly fitted bra can make your outfit shine and your confidence soar.


Learn to Love Bra Shopping

Before coming to DALIA, some women might be intimidated buying lingerie at a bra fitting shop. But we change all of that because at DALIA, bra shopping is fun! No more guessing games and confusion. We know the subtle differences of each bra we carry and we can guide you to the right size and style. In a comfortable and private setting, you can experience the joys of choosing from all the beautiful bras and lingerie that fit you perfectly.

Bra Sizes

At DALIA, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of styles and sizes of bras to fit every woman. We have sizes from 28 to 46 band and A to K cup and everything in between in our inventory of carefully chosen and hand selected fine lingerie. We are particular because we love our customers and want you to have only the finest European bras that offer exquisite design, excellent quality construction, consistent sizing and fabulous fit.   

How often do you need a bra fitting?

Time changes everything. Especially our bodies! It's important to make bra fitting a regular part of your self care routine. Save the date on your calendar (Once you see how easy they are, you'll look forward to visiting DALIA). Just like you would plan a medical screening or vehicle maintenance, remember to take time for yourself to make sure everything is still fitting the way it should and you're still looking your best. To make it easy to remember, your birthday is a great date to schedule a one-on-one bra fitting.

What to Expect

So what is a DALIA fitting all about? It's probably going to be the most rewarding shopping experience you're likely to have. We want to learn about you, your lifestyle, your everyday and special wardrobe needs, wants and wishes. What bra size did you last invest in? Does it fit well? We'll review your size and accurately predict your correct size and style. Some call it magic. We call it many years of experience.