About Dalia


For the love of lingerie...

DALIA is a bra and swim fitting destination founded in 2008. We travel the world to find exquisite bras, undies and accessories, then help our customers get a life-changing, personalized fit all the way up to a K cup. We’re happy to share our fitting room secrets! Our goal is to make bra-buying fun and comfortable while helping girls of all ages find confidence within. 


Imagine the support of a bra... in swimwear!

That's right! The same brands you love also offer bra sized swimsuits for every lifestyle. Fabulous quality, look and fit for the beach or poolside.


One sports bra is enough?

Sure is. A proper fitting one, that is. If you've invested in a good sports shoe, then a solid sports bra goes hand in hand. We carry a wide range of low, medium and high impact sports bras that will make you feel confident doing yoga, running and zumba.